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We all have felt the pressure of increased insurance premiums with less coverage and growing deductibles. For this reason we opted to keep our clinic as “Self Pay,” which allows us to bundle services together and save you money. This also means you are responsible for your balance, but we will give you a Super Bill at the conclusion of your visit for you to send to your insurance for claims and possible reimbursement. Please see the Super Bill information below.

We do accept cash, checks, HSA and credit cards. We are providers for Care Credit,  which can help with setting up payment plans at 0% interest in some cases if financial assistance is needed. Everyone’s case is different and financial obligations will not be the same, but all of this will be discussed at your visit and we will do the best we can to provide you with the best care you need at an affordable rate. We do not surprise people with underlying costs and you will know how much the visit will cost before you check in.


We are not in contract with any insurances at this point and are not considered participating providers for Medicare Insurance. We will give you all the information you need to send to your insurance and the claims adjuster will determine how the claims will be processed based on your contract with your insurance company.

Advance Beneficiary Notice will available for Medicare Patients demonstrating cost of treatment before the treatment is rendered and a “Super Bill” will be sent with the patient for submission.

Auto Insurance and Workers Compensation Insurances are accepted and will be submitted as a per case basis.


A Super Bill is a receipt of the transactions taken place on the day of your visit. This will include diagnosis, treatments rendered and cost of the treatments on that day. The patient can then submit that form along with their claim forms to their insurance company. Your insurance company will determine coverage for your services based on the contract you signed with your insurance company. We do not have any input on your contract.

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