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With the brain-based examination and rehabilitation, TJ and Sara will not only manually treat the area in question itself with physical medicine but will also "exercise" the deficient region of the brain to normalize function. Since the brain is plastic, with appropriate treatment it can attain optimal wellness. Treatments may entail specific types of eye movement exercises, balancing activities, oxygen supplementation, rotary activation, eccentric fast stretching, cross cord mechanisms, therapeutic use of light, therapeutic use of sound, therapeutic use of smell, and physical activities using one side of the body.

The Grabers are also trained in Functional Medicine and may ask for blood chemistry profiles and genetic profiles to better understand the individual and their issue(s).  They will then use all the information to address the total person with a treatment plan that will include physical/neurological exercises along with diet instruction, and nutrition support.

“The Physician must be able to tell the antecedents, know the present and foretell the future - must mediate these things, and have two special objects in view with regard to disease, namely, to do good or to do no harm.”
— Hippocrates ~ 460 B.C.
Shoulder Treatment

As Chiropractors, Drs. TJ and Sara use manual and instrument adjusting techniques to make profound changes in the body and brain.  They use motion palpation to assess function of the spine, but then take the individual as a whole along with their neurological and brain based findings to determine the proper adjustment styles and techniques to utilize.  This may include unilateral adjustments to improve brain function with better joint mechanics.

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