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We are open and here for you! During this unprecedented time in our state and world, we want you to know that we are here for you and we intend to keep taking care of our patients. We are following guidelines to ensure that we are keeping our patients and our employees as safe as we can during this time. Please call to make an appointment as you normally would and we look forward to seeing you.

Meet The Grabers

Founders of Northern Hope FNC

At Northern Hope, we care for your health concerns, goals and strive to help you achieve your optimal wellness. We are here to help guide your path to wellness even if you've been told there are no more answers. Your path to wellness may take place in our office, or possibly become a referral for outside care that resembles co-treating with us.


We use our functional neurology background to approach your needs and help you decide the optimal path for you to recover your wellness goals. Don't be a victim to your own self-defeat or accepting one model of care when there are many other models of health care to consider. Education is key!  Take charge of your life and own your decision to be a better you. We want you to know that through faith, guidance and perseverance, HOPE is waiting for you at Northern Hope. We look forward to getting to know you!

- Drs. TJ and Sara Graber




Do Chiropractic Neurologists Adjust?

YES! It is still our favorite therapy. As Chiropractors, Drs. TJ and Sara still adjust using manual adjusting, instrument adjusting techniques, drop pieces, extremity adjusting and motion palpation to assess range of motion of the spine. Both Doctors are trained to take it a step further, utilizing their neurological exam and findings from the patient's initial exam to determine the most appropriate adjustment style and techniques. This approach does not over stimulate the brain. A common side affect of over stimulation to the brain-body post adjustment are but not limited to headache, abnormal sweating patterns, dizziness or great soreness. 


Whether you're looking for lower back pain relief, an alternative to surgery, or to reduce fat; our laser technology offers solutions here at Northern Hope in Nisswa.

Drs. TJ and Sara are board certified Chiropractic Neurologists. They will examine and find the areas of concern physically, neurologically and metabolically in order to treat the entire person.

As Chiropractors, Drs. TJ and Sara use manual and instrument adjusting techniques to make profound changes in the body and brain. They believe in educating their patients about prevention and proper healing.

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